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The New Era of The Finance Industry

The finance industry is facing an era of change. For years, traditional trading has been conducted following the same outdated systems, which can no longer keep up with market demand. Fiat currency is slowly subsiding to a new more fluid currency. The future is digital, and the trading and finance sectors are no exception.

BitQZ is helping to bring both experienced or professional traders and complete beginners into this new age by combining two of the biggest players in the financial revolution: digital trading and Bitcoin.

Paper-based trading is on the way out, and as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin become more developed and advanced, their undeniable influence on the stock markets grows. Anyone who does not want to be left behind when it eventually takes over should be seriously considering boarding the crypto ship.

What are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized forms of digital based currency. Put simply, Bitcoin is money that exists only through files, software, and other mysterious forces of the online realm. It is used in the same way a trader would use the US Dollar or the Euro, in the sense that it is used to buy and exchange goods, or to invest in stocks, bonds, or other trades, but is not tied to any one country or bank.

The core idea of Bitcoin is to give people more control over their money. After the crash of 2008 when an unseemly amount of money was lost, a lot of people were left shocked and confused as to how it happened. This highlighted a need for a more independent form of currency and a more transparent way of trading it. This is when the first major cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was born.

What is Bitcoin?

As mentioned, Bitcoin was the first major leap forward in the crypto market and remains the industry leader well over a decade later. Bitcoin is a name synonymous with crypto finance and digital money trading and has pioneered decentralized currency as a way of life and the way of the future.

What Makes Bitcoin So Appealing?

Cryptocurrencies maintain their financial independence by remaining decentralized. All fiat currencies are linked to governments and banks who ultimately control the value and distribution; this is what makes them "centralized." Decentralization removes these constraints and as a result, is controlled entirely by the people who hold it.

One of the biggest draws of this type of currency, especially Bitcoin, is the ability to send it anywhere quickly and easily without having to go through laborious banking processes and paying high international transaction fees. Instead, payments are instantaneous, and costs, if any, are significantly reduced.

How Does It Work?

Because Bitcoin and similar currencies exist in a purely digital form, they are international and can be used worldwide without changing their value. People can buy, exchange, transfer, and trade in Bitcoin freely and from every corner of the globe, with no interference from banks or governments.

It may all sound a little confusing at first, but at its core, it is very simple. Here is a step by step rundown of how the process works:

01. If somebody wants to buy into crypto, Bitcoin, for example, they exchange it for whatever legal tender they usually trade in; the same way you would swap money at a currency exchange before a vacation.

02. After the Bitcoin has been purchased it is stored in a digital wallet, which can be found in various places online. This works in place of a normal bank account, and the account holder has access to the fund whenever they like and can use them in whatever way they choose.

03. To use or transfer your Bitcoins you need two keys: the access key, and the signing key. These are codes unique to your account, so it’s important you keep them secret and secure. The access key (you guessed it!) lets you gain access to your digital wallet and the signing key acts as your signature on a cheque authorizing the movement of funds.

04. After every crypto transfer, the information is collected by a system known as the Blockchain network to be shared immediately on a public sever, making fraudulent activity next to impossible.

All of this combined help make Bitcoin one of the safest ways to move or transfer money. This type of currency gives power to the people; the power to be fully in control of their own hard-earned capital.

Why Invest in Bitcoin with BitQZ?

There are more than 10,000 types of cryptocurrencies out there now, making it easy to understand why experts call it the future of finance. Each has their own specifics but are based largely on the philosophy and software that Bitcoin first introduced.

Whatever digital currency you are drawn to, an investment is a smart move toward financial freedom and security. Cybercrime is more prominent than ever before and outdated banking systems are vulnerable to attack, whereas Bitcoin and the crypto realm operate on a whole new level of privacy and protection out with the reach of hackers and other criminals.

There are also so many restrictions with traditional banking that become hugely inconvenient where international trading and fund transfers are concerned, not to mention credit issues, bank withholding, and a host of other issues entirely negated by the use of Bitcoin.

Although Bitcoin is a hugely successful cryptocurrency, investing in the industry is not without risk. It is, however, an exciting investment opportunity and could be beneficial to those who properly and effectively work the crypto trading market. Luckily, BitQZ is here to help traders do just that.

What Is Crypto Trading

Crypto trading is the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies based on predicted market value. All you need to join the crypto trading world is an internet connection, a digital wallet, and a small investment into Bitcoin. It’s a competitive market, but it must be entered and maneuvered with caution, preparation, and more than a little confidence.

How Does It Work?

Trading in cryptocurrencies, much like trading in anything else, takes some analytical skills and business savvy. Some say trading is a game of chance but when done well, the chance of success is the only one that comes to mind. There is always going to be a level of risk involved in any trade, and a smart broker never forgets that no matter how good they get; but the risk can be reduced with experience and expertise.

Trading is all about predicting the rise and fall of company stocks, equities, and lots of other assets than investing accordingly. Crypto trading works the same way. By monitoring the market, you predict the value of the currency going up or down and buy or sell depending on what way you think it’s going to go. Although daunting at first for a beginner, mainly because of what stands to be lost if done wrong, crypto trading is an extremely popular method of raising capital.

Is BitQZ Bitcoin Trading Safe?

In terms of security, trading in Bitcoin is relatively safe. This is because of blockchain the other security measures put in place to make the transferring of funds between accounts and compliant and protected as possible.

In terms of risk, no type of trading can be considered "safe" because the entire industry is built on a speculation, not a certainty. Crypto trading can be made safer by practicing self-control, gaining as much experience as you can before making any major trades, and using software such as BitQZ.

How Does BitQZ Make Trading Bitcoin Easier?

One of the toughest parts of any type of trade is knowing how to read and analyze the market in order to make the right moves with your funds. Even the most seasoned professionals have been known to get it wrong, so for a beginner, it can be entirely overwhelming. BitQZ takes a big part of that stress off your shoulders.

Our handy trading robot does the math. The software runs algorithms within the parameters of your profile, experience, eligibility, and capital to make predictions for you. This is a great tool for first timers and full-timers, for different reasons.

Benefits for newbies in crypto trading:

  • It provides a chance to learn more about the trading industry and how it works.
  • The risk factor is reduced, although not eliminated, by following an automatic mathematic algorithm.
  • Using the app can help to build confidence in a new crypto trader.
  • Market variables and all the other information that must be considered before every trade can be overwhelming at first and can distract a new trader from making smart choices. BitQZ helps make things clearer and easier to read.
  • We offer automatic settings for beginners who want to move slowly before making more solo decisions.

Benefits for seasoned crypto traders:

  • Using the robot reduces time spent self-analyzing markets.
  • There is an option to set up your chosen parameters and leave the app to work away so you can focus on other things.
  • It can also be used as a backup to confirm your predictions for a little extra peace of mind.
  • The stress of making a mistake doesn’t go away with experience, so even a professional can benefit from this app’s assistance.

Nothing can take the risk out of trading completely. The risk is an inevitable part of the industry, but BitQZ can help you minimize it.

The Future of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Trading

Even before Bitcoin’s creation in 2009, the seed of the idea that the people could create and control their very own currency, entirely independent of any government or bank, was brewing. It is doubtful, however, that anyone could have believed how far it would come.

The entire crypto market, of which Bitcoin sits comfortably at the forefront, was initially met with a huge deal of suspicion and doubt as to how it could work, but at the turn of the century, the need for such a system was clearer than ever. Like any currency, the market value of Bitcoin has risen and fallen over time, but the social value has remained the same.

The future of Bitcoin is bright, despite the ever evolving and moving economic climate. Bitcoin undoubtedly has a major part to play in the future of world economics, and Bitcoin sits on the crypto throne.

An investment in Bitcoin is an exciting opportunity. Trading in Bitcoin is growing more popular each year amongst those confident and savvy enough to do so, and for good reason. If Bitcoin is truly to be the currency of the future, then the ones making the most of it now are setting themselves up nicely, and the nay-sayers are sure to be left behind.

Bitcoin has a host of big-name supporters with some serious clout in the financial and business realms, so it stands to reason that so many of the brightest business minds from around the globe can’t all be wrong.

Final Thoughts on BitQZ

The most important thing for anyone to remember is to always weigh up risk and reward, and not to get caught up in trades without due diligence. If you choose to align your financial future with that of Bitcoin, do it wisely, and with some help from BitQZ.

FAQs About Bitcoin and Crypto Trading

Is mining Bitcoin the same as trading Bitcoin?

No. Anybody with money to invest in Bitcoin can trade. All that is required is a digital wallet and the ability to read and understand the market value for buying and selling. Mining on the other hand requires a special set of skills, professional software, expensive equipment, and a lot of time. Trading is the buying and selling of existing Bitcoins on the market: mining is the process of monitoring the market and helping to regulate in return for a brand-new bitcoin all of your own.

How much is one Bitcoin worth?

The market value of Bitcoin, as with any currency, fluctuates and changes. The value is determined by supply and demand, newly mined bitcoins, the trade flow, and many other contributing factors. You can find the most current valuation on live financial trade sights, including their own official tracker Bitcoin Charts.

Is Bitcoin Anonymous?

One of the things a lot of people like about Bitcoin is that it does not require personal details to get you started. When you buy Bitcoin, you are given a digital address that acts as your identity in place of your real name. That being said, the system is not entirely anonymous as your Bitcoin address is still linked to you. Think of it more like a username in the sense that you do not need to share your true identity, but it can still be connected to you if needs be.

Is there a limited supply of Bitcoins?

Yes. Unlike traditional fiat currencies that can be minted without limit, there are only a specified number of Bitcoins. This is part of what makes them such an interesting investment for so many people.

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